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Composer Steve Wilder Blumenthal has worked on a great many projects for film, TV, video games, interactive media and the web. Currently, he writes music for LifeScore, an endlessly adaptive music platform that creates unique soundtracks in real time.


Recently, he wrote the award-winning score for Rob Husted’s comedy Lost Treasure of the Valley, which has also won multiple awards for Best Comedy Film. He has also written music and synth programmed for Home Before Dark starring Brooklynn Prince and Jim Sturgess on Apple TV+, and Novel Effect, a multi-award winning interactive voice-recognition app for children.

He has written the music for the award-winning stop-motion animation, Pirouette; and for the web series Convenience Store Diet, by TripTank director Andrew Racho. Steve has also worked on ad campaigns for Microsoft, Mitsubishi ElectricChevron, and T-Mobile. Steve has also made appearances as a guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University and La Salle University.


Originally from Philadelphia, and a graduate of Duquesne University in Music Technology: Composition, and after working in Los Angeles for close to a decade, Steve is now based in the New York City/Philadelphia area.

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